Vagina: The forbidden word that girls must not use

Since when did the word Vagina become an offensive word? Why is the vagina such a taboo subject? Vagina is the name of the female sex organ. The vagina performs the following functions: Providing a path for menstrual fluids to leave the body, sexual activity and giving birth.

Do we as a society teach our children that using the word vagina is wrong? The Vagina Monologues continues to remain the target of censorship conflicts. Three high school girls from Lewisboro, New York were suspended for using the word vagina at a public reading of the Vagina Monologue.

“Eve Ensler, who wrote ”The Vagina Monologues,” has accepted an invitation to speak Tuesday at a school theater, just before a meeting of the board of education, and will appear with the girls, said school board member Peter Breslin on Friday’s ”Today” show,” reported the Sun times.

Saskboy challenged every blogger to use the word “vagina” in a blog post title, and link to Debra’s site.

I would never scold my children for using the word vagina in reference to the female organ.

Do you allow your child to use the word vagina?

Were you ever scolded as a child for using the word vagina?

What are your thoughts on the anatomical term that generated such an uproar in New York that it resulted in three girls being suspended?

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