Blogs to be censored in China

I was reading that the Chinese Government is to tighten its control on blogs.

According to Reuters, “the director of China’s General Administration of Press and Publication, Long Xinmin, said the administration was forming rules to further regulate Internet publishing, including the country’s legions of bloggers.”

The Chinese government blocked access to LiveJournal on March 2nd and it has a history of blocking Google’s Blogger.

According to, China had blocked access to on Monday, but a search today shows it as unblocked. The site also comes with the following disclaimer.

“This version 1.0 may report sites as being ‘blocked’, while there are only technical reasons for their unavailability.
It’s’s aim to collaboratively build a community that will be able to visualize Internet censorship in an increasingly accurate way.”

Therefore it may of just been a technical glitch that showed us blocked.

John Chow has reported China doesn’t like him as shows his domain as blocked.

What are your thoughts on this Chinese censorship?

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