Ctva.ca Save the Children

This is nothing like the “To Catch a Predator” aired on NBC Dateline. The W5 report, titled “Save the Children” is an extremely disturbing look at the pedophiles that  that are underground, exchanging child pornography, and trading full-length movies of babies being raped.

The law enforcement that are in this episode, are the ones that have to deal with  this sad reality on a daily basis. In the episode, a 3 time sexual offender calmly talks about what he has done, insisting it’s the children who want to have sex with him. I couldn’t believe it.

You’ll also see now retired Detective Sergeant Paul Gillespie disappointment with the justice system. It’s not enough to just read the article; you have to watch the four part episode.

This is just another reason why I feel that catching online predators should be left to trained law enforcement. They are doing their job.

Again, the episode, which can be viewed at ctv.ca is very disturbing. Thank you to Leo Knight, a former Canadian police officer, security expert and media commentator for linking to this story.

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