Friday Feast: Welcome to my life

Where did the week go? So yet another week has slipped past me. Are you ready to dine?

Appetizer: What are you proud of?

I thought long and hard about this before I answered and I would have to say that I’m proud of myself. I’ve made a life for myself with a good man who I have been married to for 18 years this April and we have had three beautiful children together. Making it eighteen years married to the same man is something to be proud of. It has not always been easy, but we both stuck it out. Losing our youngest daughter in July of 1992 was the hardest thing that we had to face together as a couple. I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles in my life. I’m proud of the successful community that I have built together with my husband. I find myself wanting to believe in myself more, and well that alone is something to be proud of.

Soup:What is the best thing you???ve ever won as a prize?

I’d have to say, a ten speed bike in grade 8.

Salad:Name something you do that is a waste of time.

Defend myself when people post crap about me online. I have learned that it a waste of time.

Main Course:In what year of your life did you change the most?

Pain and sadness has changed my life in a lot of ways. If I look back on my life, I’d have to say I change the most the year after my mother passed away.

Dessert:Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?

I like to sit down by the water. I find it to be very tranquil.

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