Is “” a spam site?

Today, I received an email from an ex member of The subject line read “Harash has Tagged you!”  It was an invitation for a social network called

It was an email with a simple question “Harash M has added you as a friend. Is Harash M your friend? Yes – No and Please respond or Harash may think you said no.”

Of course there is an opt out link where you can unsubscribe from receiving email from tagged.

Stupid me clicked to opt out and now I will no doubt receive even more spam.

I also  clicked on the button that says “No” and was  taken to a sign up page that requested my birthday, zip code, email address etc


It also included Harash’s email address with the invite.

I logged into my hotmail account and there sat more invites. Two from a 24 year old Jonathon P, two from a 54 year old Barbara C, two from a 55 year old Alexia and two from a 25 year old Richard.

What I cannot understand is that Tagged markets itself as a premier teen social networking  site stating “ is the premier social networking destination for the Millennial Generation and an ideal place for advertisers who are trying to reach the teen market. Tagged provides a fun, safe, and exciting environment for teens to showcase their personalities and talents, and to connect with friends and meet new ones. Tagged maintains this great environment by only allowing teenagers to register on the site.”

If that is the case then why am I receiving an invite from a 51 year old Harsh from India? He is not a teen and I sure as heck am not a teen.

I’m also receiving invites from people  who I wrote to once in a lifetime that have me in their address book.

I received an invite from Gerard Haughey, the fool who claims he wrote the inspirational poem “Don’t Quit” and that guy sure as heck is not my friend.

One user says that if you sign up the system will send an invite to every one you have ever emailed.

That explains why I received an invite from Gerard (who didn’t write the poem Don’t Quit) and Harash and all these people I don’t know.

Shane signed up for tagged and was not all that impressed with the service. Shane states, ” I discovered it had not just flagged the people in the system but flagged every single person I have ever emailed for an invitation to this stupid network! I had messages going out to customer service departments of a dozen companies, billing companies, former clients, casual acquaintances, my pastor, my professors! I tried to cancel it, but it was too late.”

Dave Taylor also has some interesting thoughts on Tagged.

Do read his post, “Is “Tagged” a spam site, or what?”

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