Depression and Memory loss

Depression is a disease that can be devastating to all areas of a person’s life. I suffer from depression. I was diagnosed with depression ten years ago.

I am on antidepressants and I noticed some side effects of the drug such as weight gain and memory loss. I lose my train of thought and sometimes I use the wrong word and know it, but can’t remember the correct one.

What was I going to say? “Wink”

I try to deal with the side effects with a sense of humor, but it is frustrating when you can’t remember how some of the simplest words are spelled.

I thought I was crazy until I read a website where others stated that they were having the same side effects while being on the same drug.

I should really call my friend who is a nurse and talk to her about this.

It is so difficult to have this problem, because  some people just don’t understand it.

I tried to quit the medication, which you can’t do cold turkey. The side effects were much worse, so I’m back on it.

The train of though loss and using the wrong word when you know the right word to use it is a real pain especially when you’re a writer.

It makes it look as though English is not my first language.

I also noticed that at times people are quick to judge me not knowing I suffer from depression and then there are those who judge me knowing I do.

I’m sure some will even judge me knowing that I take  antidepressants, but depression is a disease that  real people die from every day.

If I didn’t take medication, I would be far worse.

Maybe you don’t understand that and maybe you are already judging me. You don’t have to get it though. It is my understanding and my willingness to do something about the depression that matters.

The medication I’m on has helped my depression. I do have my good days and my bad. My family is very supportive and for that I’m thankful.

Do you suffer from depression?

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