Thursday Thirteen: Things my Father Taught me

My Dad

In loving Memory – May 22nd, 1914- April 23rd, 1988

In my heart there is a place where daddy, he never grows old. If I close my eyes, I can see him as plain as day. There is a smile on his face that says, “Hello Baby Girl!”

My father died April 23rd, 1988. I was just shy of 19 when he passed away. Looking back now, I realize that I learned many lessons from him.

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things my Father Taught me

Faith- My father taught me to have faith and that God does exist. When my father was in the hospital, he began talking every week to a minister. I recall asking him one time why he was doing that as my father never was a religious man. He told me that it was ok to have faith.

Hard work- My father taught me hard work. I will always remember the calluses on his hand.

Love- My father taught me to respect and love myself. I recall his words “Someday you will meet a nice young man who will love you for you.” He was right.

Discipline- My father taught me discipline. He was so strict, but I know it was because he loved me and worried. I wish I have of seen then what I do now. I guess it took my being a mother of a teenage daughter to see that.

Determination- My father taught me determination and that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Kindness- My father taught me how to help others. Every time we went shopping he would bag our groceries at the check out.

Appreciation- To show appreciation for the things I have.

Sometimes things are not always easy – He taught me that sometimes things get rough and you either stick it out or you quit, but no matter what you decide you live with the consequences.

Pride- My father was proud of me and took pride in the things I did.

Family- My father showed me the importance of family. We went on vacations every summer. My father had three other children from a previously marriage. They were all grown adults. He always made time for them and respected them. He even remained friends with his ex-wife.

Words unsaid- My father taught me that love could be expressed in quiet deeds. My father didn’t always tell me that he loved me, but his action spoke stronger than words.

A love for older music – I grew up listening to all the old classics.

Cigarettes do kill- 60 + years of smoking eventually caught up to him. I don’t smoke today.

It took me awhile to realize all that he taught me. I only wish that he lived long enough for me to tell him that I loved him, was proud of him and to thank him for being a wonderful father.

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