Posting pictures of people online without consent

School’s solicit parents’ permission to post photos of children on the internet all the time. Just recently students were suspended from a school for posting photos of students and teachers on MySpace without students and teachers permission. Because the students did not have parental permission, it could pose a liability issue.

My opinion is that parents should have the right to say if they do or do not want their children’s photos posted on the internet. I, as a parent, do not post any photos of my children on the internet and I certainly do not give permission for my children’s photos to be posted on the internet.

According to an article I read written by a copyright attorney it said “You may need permission to photograph people due to state laws giving individuals privacy and publicity rights.”

“Commercial photographers avoid right of publicity/privacy lawsuits by obtaining photographic releases from people shown in their pictures.”

Professional photographers obtain permission from their models. Why? Because people have the right not to have their photos posted on the internet.

Last year my daughters photo turned up on a website. The student who posted the photo of her class mates did not have permission. Many of the parents including myself and my husband were upset. As I stated, I do not post my children’s photos on the net and I do not believe anyone should have the right to without my permission.

What are your thoughts about photos being published online without ones knowledge or permission.

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