I’m almost middled age

In less than one week I’ll be 38. The closest to 40 I get I think OMG. In two years, I’ll be 40 and will have a daughter who will be graduating high school and another child in his second year of high school. How on earth did I get here? I feel like it was just yesterday I turned 30.

It won’t be long before their both out of the house. Now technically I know I’m still young and beautiful, but it is hard to believe I’m two years from what I consider  middle aged. My husband always jokes around with me about getting older because I’m two years older than him. I know that age is just a number, but now that I’m almost two years shy of 40 I’m really starting to look at my life.

For those over 40, should I be getting concerned? I need advice! Help prepare me. lol I have two years to go. Next year I’ll be 39 and holding. “Wink”

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