Lewd Comments made at women

Why do mean feel that it ok to yell or make lewd comments at young girls and women?

My daughter works in fast food and a few months ago she had some guys making lewd comments at her. The guys had to be in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

Last weekend the guys who live across from us were yelling lewd things at some 15 year old.

About five months ago, maybe longer,  my hubby saved some young girl from being attacked. We were walking to the movie store with my son and some guy in his 20’s started fallowing some teen girl yelling things at her. My husband stopped the guy and the guys words were “I’m a man and if I want to have sex with her I will.”
What gives males the right to make lewd/obscene comments at women?

Just because we have breast does not mean that we are sex objects. All these men do is reduce women to becoming nothing more than a walking set of breast with a nice behind.

I’ve had guys yell stuff when they’re passing by in cars. Are some guys that desperate? What the heck makes them do it?

Don’t give me any lines that it is just girls dressed provocative that get this as my daughter does not dress that way and was in uniform when she was harassed and I was in clothes that Grandma would wear when I had lewd things yelled at me.

So, why do guys do it?

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