The Kindness of People

Some folks in this world need a huge pat on the back, so I would like to take a moment to thank these folks.

Thank you to the person who told me that I should learn how to spell.

Thank you to the person who registered at my website and then being asked to be removed from my mailing list that they opt into. I’m sorry to hear about your alzheimers.

Thank you to the dishonest publisher that takes advantage of writers and then threatens to sue me for warning writers about your dishonest practices.

Thank you to the blogger who did not ask for permission before copying from my blog.

Thank you to the person who criticizes my writing style.

Thank you to the person who called me rude after I gave them prompt customer service. I did not realize that you wanted a reply within the hour.

Thank you to the person who insulted my looks.

Thank you to everyone who has ever taken my taxi. I see that your parents taught you manners.

Thank you to all those that ask for a favor from me and then not repaying the favor when I ask one of you. You’re busy I understand. Of course you are and I don’t have a life.

Thank you to the man who did not hold the door for me. I just love a door in the face.

Thank you to my friends who never notice when I’m upset.

Thank you to those that never thank me.

Thank you to all those that took advantage of my generosity. You are all very thoughtful souls.

Thank you from the bottom of my trousers. Opps, I meant heart.

Thank you! I love people. I wish everyone could be as kind, sweet and thoughtful as some of you folks.

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