Who speaks for the innocent child

I am reading all these pro-choice comments on the net and I can’t help but ask myself who speaks for the innocent unborn child who is unable to speak for themselves.

Every day an innocent baby pays the ultimate price for merely being conceived. We should protect those that are unable to protect themselves. If the innocent could talk, I wonder what they would say. I’m sure they would say, I don’t want to die.

When we hear of a baby being abandoned, abused or murdered it breaks our heart, yet every day women take the  life of an innocent human being.
An unborn baby, what a picture of life and beauty. Yet unborn babies are dieing daily. Babies who will never feel the joy of a mother’s love.

I can’t help but feel sad yet I know tomorrow it will not end and another life will be taken. All I can do is pray that somewhere some woman will see  life as worthy and say “though I’m not ready to be a mother, I won’t deprive you of being born and a good home. I know that somewhere, someone is waiting to love you.”

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