Don’t label me

“A Rose Is a rose is a rose.” Well guess what this Rose has thorns and my good God if they keep labeling me, they’ll see how sweet I am.

I suffer from depression, but I’m not a nutcase. I stand up for women, but I’m not a feminist. I write erotic poetry, but I’m not a tramp. I have male friends that I chat to online, but I’m not cheating on my husband. I believe abortion is wrong, but I’m not close minded.

Don’t tell me that a lady would not curse, because no one said I was a lady and if I stub my toe, you bet that you might here me say a few not so pleasant words. Yes I’m  over weight, but I’m going to eat what I want and  I don’t really need to hear your whispers I’m fat while you pick at your salad. I’m sexy, but I’m not a sex object.  Sorry I have more than breast and ovaries. I also have a brain.

Why is society so judgment and quick to label people? If all people are created in ‘God’s image’, then why are we so quick to put down and judge what he has created?

Don’t tell me you have never labeled people. How many times have you discriminated against an iraqis, because  he was born in iraq?

When we label people we refuse to put faith in God and in people. As long as we have these labels we will have a judgmental society. We might as well bend over and let them put a large brand right on our behind. Don’t label me. Accept me for who I am.

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