I’m pro-life – I care for mother and child

Pro-lifers care about the lives of both mother and child.

Many feel that those who are pro-life do not consider all options. They feel that we only care about the unborn baby. This is farthest from the truth. Pro-lifers care about both the mother and unborn child. Many women who consider abortion feel that the only choice that they have is abortion. All too often it is because, society sends a message that the unborn baby is better off dead.

When you say that you are pro-life, but you think abortion should be allowed in certain situations what you really are saying is that you are pro-choice, but you think abortion should not be allowed in certain situations.

The moment we say that in some cases it is ok to take a life, we have become pro-choice with exceptions.

Pro-life people believe that all life is sacred. The baby’s rights are not superior to the mothers, in my opinion they are equal.

So, my question is are you pro-life and do you believe that under no circumstances should a life be taken or are you pro choice in all situations or are you pro choice, but abortion should not be allowed in certain situations?

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