Getting my priorities straight

 I have been thinking lately about priorities, my priorities. Life gets busy and suddenly I look around me and  notice that I have been neglecting a lot of things, one of them being this blog.

Today’s Woman Writing Community has always been my ‘main’ priority, but I have been  neglecting it too since joining mylot. Not only have I been neglecting it,  I have been neglecting my writing, Blogger Talk Blogger Community and like I said, this blog.

I took a good long look at my life and I saw that I needed
to get my priorities in order. I have an obligation to my communities,  I have an obligation to all of you who have become regular readers of my blog. I’m only human and we all make  mistakes.  We take on too much and sometimes we need to let a few things go and focus on our first priorities.

It was not my intention to neglect any of you or your blogs. I’m sorry and I hope that you will forgive me.

I have really missed blogging and I have missed visiting your blogs.  Next time you find me slipping away, tug on my hair and pull me back, will you?

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