Chinese Freeze Tag

I was tagged by Marcia over at Tumbled Words to participate in Chinese Freeze Tag. (Sorry this took me so long Marcia.) The purpose of the tag is to tell ten interesting facts about myself and then I get to tag ten of you.

So, here we go:

1. I have a  graduate certificate in palliative care.
2. I still wake up early on Christmas morning.
3. All my grandparent died before I was born.
4. I have two half brothers who are old enough to be my father.
5. My father was 55 when I was born. Growing up, I was often mistaken for his granddaughter.
6. I had my nose fractured once.
7. When I was pregnant for my oldest daughter I ate a tub of cottage cheese every day.
8. When my mother brought me home from the hospital, my skin was so dark that my brother thought that I was black.
9. I have never done drugs.
10. I’m pregnant.  Just kidding…… I wanted to see how many were paying attention. I cannot have anymore children.

I’m not tagging anyone specifically. If you want to do this then by all means, please be my guess and list your interesting facts.

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