Paris Hilton Dead, Bogus News Stories

Paris Hilton is dead,  according to a few bogus news reports out there.  I think theses rumors are terrible, but it is part of the price that you pay when you are a celebrity.

Quite frankly I’m tired of hearing about Paris. 3508 US troops have died in Iraq, a teenager obsessed by serial killers and pornography lived out his fantasies by stabbing a nurse more than 70 times, a Florida boy, age 10, weighs just 35 pounds, after being starved to death by his mother and Madeleine McCann is still missing. Yet the news continues to talk about Paris Hilton. The media has  made Paris Hilton more important than a missing four year old girl?

Paris Hilton receives visitors, Father of Paris Hilton planning party for her release, Paris Hilton to foot $1000+ per day bill for Lynwood ‘room service, Paris Hilton ‘starves herself under prison stress? Who cares! I wish the media would put Paris Hilton on the back burner and give us news worth reading. Dan Marsh editor of the Daily Siftings Herald  said it right. “I think the news media is a wonderful invention, I really do, but I also think that, somehow, the media has gone off the rails.”

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