The Biased Nature of the website Mylot describes itself as a unique and fun online community filled with members from all over the world discussing topics of everyday life. Their objective is to offer members a place to interact with others and to discuss the many different topics of everyday life in a self-regulated network. For those that don’t know, pays money for simply posting on their site. What many don’t know is that there is an even darker side to the popular website

There is an elite group made up of certain individuals, which appear to think that they are above the guidelines and Mylot plays favorites to them. Could it because one of the moderators himself (Sksouth) is the leader of this elite group.

The moderator’s friends use foul and abusive language toward other members, and when these users are reported for violating the guidelines Mylot does not take action against them. It has been brought to Mylot’s attention that they have been harassing, being rude and flaming other users in posts on several occasions. If a person replies to the elite group’s attacks Mylot warns the one being flamed that if they continue their account will be removed.

The elite group has two sites and a chat room where they go to talk about the members of Mylot and play their little negative rating game.

The following two screen captures were taken from the one website.

Mylotbites Shoutbox

Mylotbites Shoutbox

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Some users have had to close their accounts at mylot and join under an anonymous identity, because of the abuse from the elite group. One user said “I changed my account specifically because of that group at MyLot who loves to attack and make fun of folks, like me for instance.”

There is so much that people do like about the site Mylot, but because of this group of individuals they are unable to enjoy the site and just be themselves. Many members are afraid of this elite group.

Many users have been banned at Mylot unfairly with no explanation and the sad thing is they loose any earnings that were in their account at the time of being banned.

One user said “I have seen the elite people who think that they are above everyone. I have wondered why they didn’t seem to get knock down like everyone else. It is true a lot do getting with this type of stuff and the other people are the ones who seem to pay for it in the end and they don’t. ”

It is definitely true that the popular website does play favorites and some users are untouchable.

One user said, “This group is very good at twisting words and causing the victim to look guilty. There is so much evidence of that all over the place, but it gets deleted easily, so people do not see it. Just like the one where a couple of your posts got deleted. It looks like you came in and cussed them out when it may be nothing and they got it deleted just to make you look bad.”

That too is true. They are very good at twisting words, selective reading, and putting words in ones mouth.  What they are doing is group-baiting where they wait for one person to post and then the group of them pounce.

One Mylot member had this to say regarding the flaming I received.

“I saw all the harassment you suffered on those posts. I don’t know what I can do to help, I tried to stand up for you that night I was on and they were being so ugly to you.”

To the elite group, they will never admit that they group bait and attack users. They will never admit to having minus parties or trying to get people that they don’t like banned.

One user states, “I am hoping if we can get enough people to address Mylot admin and their sponsors about those people, someone will put a stop to it and we can enjoy Mylot. There is so much I love about the site and I have or had so many friends there!”

Sadly as long as has moderators like SKSouth it will not be enough to address Mylot administrators and many users will continue to be the subject of abuse from the elite group and will either have to remain quite and take the abuse or speak out and have their accounts deleted along with their earnings.

In the end, I guess you have wonder if the few cents if really worth the abuse received from this group. In the three months I was at Mylot I made thirty one dollars and 1344 posts.

I could have made more money online doing other things and would not have had to deal with the biased nature of a website that claims to be a fair fun online community for all.

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