School’s Out For Summer – Missing Mom?

If I’m not around next week please  file a missing person report. The possibility is that my children have kidnapped both my husband and I and have us tied up in a little room and are taking over the house.

My daughter finished her last exam yesterday.  She is now out for the summer, but will be working full time during the summer.  My son has a few days left of school and then he’ll be out.

It is hard to believe that this is my son’s last year of public school and my daughter will be a senior in high school. She has two credits left to get then two years of co-op education and she is done school.

I look at the calender and it says July 2007.

Where did the years go? I know we are always saying that they grow up so fast, but it is true. My daughter will be 17 in 13 days. It feels like we just celebrated her turning 16.

Yesterday, I counted more gray hairs on my husband’s head. I know that she put them there.  Don’t give me no accuse that his hair is running out of pigment. She is doing it to him. I swear she aged him six months.

I still say we should have sent her to an all-girls boarding school.

Of course you do realize that I’m just joking here. I’m joking about the boarding school, but not the gray hair on my husband’s head. (love you dear)

Children- you’ve just got to love them.

Sorry, I’m rambling.

School out for the summer? If only I could run off to the Bahamas.  Now don’t forget that missing person report. “Gulp”

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