Common Sense Media sparks debate over Facebook

Common Sense Media ( provides family reviews and ratings of media and entertainment choices for kids and families, including movies, television, video games, websites, books and music. But how reliable is Common Sense Media?

Let us look at Common Sense Media’s review of the popular networking site Facebook

Common Sense Media says, “ One of the safest social networking places around. Parents need to know that, as social networking sites go, this is one of the safest ones around.” They recommend facebook for teens 13+.

I strongly disagree.

Facebook is like any other social networking site. It was originally created for college students, but it has now become a phenomenal for high school students as well.

Facebook members frequently post pictures of themselves drinking alcohol and encourage their friends to do so too.

Recently, law enforcement officials have been reported to be monitoring photos and material posted on the discussion boards of

Facebook recently admitted to privacy flaws when it was pointed out by a blogger that users may have been unwillingly been exposing certain personal details on the site.

In other recent news a suspect was accused of using Facebook to prey on minors.

Parents who think Facebook is safe really need a wake up call in my opinion.

I was shocked that a site such as Common Sense Media who lists themselves as being dedicated to improving the media and entertainment lives of children and families would rate a site such as safe for those 13 to 16. What were they thinking?

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Rose DesRochers

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