George W. Bush Humor

Have I offended the George W. Bush lovers?

I have a good sense of humor, and a good sense of humor is a trait that we all admire, and for good reason. However, not everyone is going to share that same sense of humor.

Yesterday I posted humor inspired by no other than George Bush. To those George Bush lovers that I offended, please remember what I said about not sharing the same sense of humor. I don’t think I should have to apologize to anyone. I mean it was a joke, and I don’t think I crossed the line of offensive.

If I did then I guess you’ll have to just accept that my blog might at time to time have content that may be offensive to some viewers and you have the choice to continue reading or click on that ‘x’ at the top of the page. To those that like a good George Bush joke as much as the next guy well Google is full of jokes, videos, satire, pictures, posters etc all poking fun at George W. Bush.

I’ll step off my soap box now.

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