You Might Be A Redneck If

You migh be a redneck if…

Hang on folks, it’s not a Jeff Foxworthy’s joke of the day, but it could be. My good friend Steve from West Virgina just message me. It appears him and his family had an eventful day that should have been captured for America’s Stupidest Home Videos.

Here is an Msn chat transcript of our conversation. It is published with permission of course.

Steve says: We were supposed to be going to our family reunion, only the car wouldn’t start. My sister’s husband jumped the car so we got it started and left the house. We got a few feet from the house and it stopped in the middle of the road. Now comes the stupid part. I get out and push it and mom decides to get out and push too and forgets to get back in to put on the brake and it goes in the darn ditch and hits a tree. It was car crash without any motor power, so add that to things never to do. lol

Rose says: Is it ok? lol

Steve says: Well it just has a little damage. Luckily it wasn’t that big of a tree.

Rose says: Is the tree ok?

Steve says: Yeah just fine.

Rose says: Can I call you a dumb redneck now?

Steve says: I was the pusher not the pushe, but yeah might be something Jeff Foxworthy might want to use.

Rose says: What the difference between a pusher and pushe?

Steve says: Well

Rose says: Is pushe even a word Steve?

Steve says: Well actually no, but it could be though.

Rose says: Pusher – someone who pushes. You were both pushing the car and you pushed it into a tree.

There you have it folks. You might be a redneck like my good friend Steve if you push your car right into a tree.

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