Lindsay Ashford – Pedophile Removes Web Photo of Obama’s Daughters

Lindsay Ashford is a pedophile activist. On June 23rd, 2006 of last year I blogged about  how Lindsay Ashford was exploiting the daughters of US politicians by plastering their daughter’s pictures all over his girl loving website.

That related post can be read here at “Pedophile Lindsay Ashford – US politicians daughters photos appear on pedophile’s website.”

On March 2007, Fox News reported that Lindsay Ashford removed a family photo of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, his wife and two daughters from his website after receiving a cease and desist order from the presidential candidate’s attorney.

Read more about this story on Fox news “Pedophile Removes Web Photo of Obama’s Daughters After Legal Threat.”

Though Lindsay Ashford has removed the pictures of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and his family he has kept the photos of other politician’s daughters and even granddaughters on his website.

The other 12   politicians need to let Lindsay Ashford know that they will not tolerate this.

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