Doctors Negligence -My Daughter’s Death

For anyone who has lost a child, you know that the pain never truly goes away. We put the emotions to the back of our mind, as we go about our daily lives. Days leading up to the anniversary of our child’s death, and on birthdays brings those feelings of loss to the surface.

After 15 years listening to the song “tears in heaven” still makes me cry. I read something today with regards to the death of my daughter.

“No offense, but this happened a long time ago you said. Why are you holding on to it?”

Should I just forget my daughter? Should I not grieve her loss on the anniversary of her death? Why do we remember Sept 11th? We remember it because it was a tragic event.

The tragic death of my daughter, has been the most devastating events in my life and you never have true closure on the death of your child.

Doctors are human and everyone makes occasional errors, especially when under immense pressure. However, my daughter’s life could have been saved, by the doctor who took her from me on July 21st 1992, had he only admitted to his mistake before it was too late.

Please know that doctor negligence can and does lead to death.

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