Security Hole Found In Fox News Server

A security loophole that allowed Foxnews entire directory to be mirrored was closed earlier yesterday morning and they are currently working on improving their server’s security reported in an email sent to me this afternoon.

There is a discussion raging on whether or not the mirroring of their directly contemplates   copyright infringement. I’m guessing that the individual who mirrored the website might just receive a DMCA take down notice which will force the removal of the mirrored directory.

Not only did the security loophole expose the directory, but is also exposed  login information that allowed hackers to access names, phone numbers, and email addresses of at least 1.5 million people.

Reddit users were reporting that Foxnews could be accessed with a username and password found on the Fox News site.
Some  users on reddit posted links to a copy of the open Fox News directory, but today those directories can no longer  be accessed.
Yesterday several users on reddit were downloading their data,  some  commenting on the files and editing the photos in photo shop.

Also exposed was an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) connection to

Apparently, an IT administrator of Fox News incorrectly changed the permission needed to view files and folders over the Web.

I wonder if that administrator  will be fired?

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