Lindsay Ashford: Pedophile Web Site Outrages Parents

A Pedophile website has managed to stay online despite the ojection of thousands of parents. This disturbing website geared towards little girls, tries to convince them that it is okay to be in romantic and physical relationships with adults.

Ed Smart father of Elizabeth Ann Smart, Gina Eaton mother of Katie Eaton and Senator Barack Obama are just some of the many parents upset over Lindsay Ashford’s Pedophile website.

Lindsay Ashford is an pro-pedophile activist. In a 2004 e-mail interview published on Ashford stated, “I am tired of being forced into the shadows by society.” Lindsay Ashford name use to be David Alway until he changed his name to Lindsay Ashford in 1989.

Ashford claims that children and adolescents are capable of being informed, consenting sexual partners. Further he believes that children who are exploited by adults don’t suffer any ill effects.
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Efforts are underway to try and shut down Ashford’s Puellula web site that describes itself as ‘A Celebration of the Splendor of Little Girls.’ The petition that seeks to ban all websites which promote pedophilia already consists of 1,553 signatures at the time of writing this post . With all ready 1,553 signatures on the petitions, there is nothing legally that can be done. Law enforcement and the FBI already frustrated by the site are stating that the site is completely illegal.

The site includes articles about pedophiles, claims that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, and resources for pedophiles. The sugar and spice portion of his website is a sick attempt to groom little girls for adult/child sexual relations. In 2005, Lindsay Ashford’s missing children’s website came under criticism by reporters. Gina Eaton’s daughter, Katie Caudill, was one of the girls featured on Lindsay Ashford’s website. The missing children website has tributes to girls across the country who have been murdered. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has also expressed outrage over the website.

XS4ALL Internet abuse department has stated that the only way they will shut down Ashford’s website is if law enforcement tells them to. Ashford is not ignorant of the law either. In fact, he invites people to turn his site in to
law enforcement.

According to KTRH News recording artist Petra Luna is asking Myspace users to band together to get search engines like Yahoo and Google to exclude sites like Ashford’s.

Parents may also be shocked to know that Lindsay Ashford is also a active editor at Wikipedia, using the online allies Zanthalon.

Parents take this disturbing site as a warning that Pedophiles are online and may be grooming your child.

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“I’m tired of being forced into the shadows by society”

Some Organizations Trying to Shut Down Pedophile Site

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