Jack McClellan Pedophile Blogger Angers Parents

Parents are angry that there is nothing legally that can be done about 45-year-old pedophile Blogger Jack McClellan whose blog promotes pedophilia.

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Jack McClellan admits he is attracted to little girls – yet he has not committed a crime, therefore police state that there is nothing that they can do. Jack has had Web sites in Seattle and Los Angeles detailing how and where he trolls for children.

Jack admitted to FOX News that he was attacked to girls between 3 and 11.

“I guess the main thing is I just think they’re cute, a lot cuter than women. I admit there is kind of an erotic arousal there,” McClellan said. (FOX News)

Just this week he admitted to attending a concert by the Australian group Wiggles in Los Angeles where he stalked and photographed young girls for the benefit of other pedophiles and posted them on his blog. (Herald Sun)

King 5 has aired a series of reports on Jack McClellan and according to one news story “Jack moved to Southern California saying he was tired of the media pressure.” (King5) However, the media followed Jack to California.

McClellan’s Web site was shut down by its host before he left Seattle, but some news reports that he has brought it back online with other reports stating that a Dutch hosting company is said to have agreed to begin hosting a new web site for Jack.

According to Signal News, “two local lawyers have filed a straining order against McClellan in Los Angeles Superior Court” after Jack McClellan promised to return to Santa Clarita. (Signal news)

Jack McClellan is also now threatening to sue the Santa Monica police because they posted pictures of him on their website.

“A self-proclaimed pedophile best known for posting pictures on a website that advised other pedophiles on how to meet young girls is now upset that the Santa Monica Police Department has posted his picture on their website.” (cbs2.com)

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In a Fox News interview Jack McClellan defends his pedophilia website.

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Ron Tebo a father of two has created his own Web site jackmcclellan.com exposing Jack McClellan and warning other parents about Jack’s activities. Tebo’s anti- Jack McClellan website has received national media attention, including a live interview on the CBS’ “The Early Show.” (Dad Fights Web Site That Eyes Young Girls)

On The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet , Mike and Juliet reveal how Mothers against Predators are doing something about Pedophile Blogger Jack McClellan.

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