Strange Ice Cream Flavors

It’s so hot out there. Anyone interested in a fish, octopus, squid, basashi (raw horse meat), ox tongue, sweet potato, natural viagra, green tea, fried eggplant, crab, corn, rice, wasabi, shrimp, eel, noodle, chicken wing, miso, or cactus flavored ice cream cone?

Japanese Ice CreamTo me those do not sound like appetizing ice cream flavors. If they appeal to you then you may want to take a trip to Japan. How many men could pass up a natural Viagra ice cream cone? I know parents are eager to buy their children a spinach ice cream cone.

Japan isn’t the only place with weird ice cream flavors. In Merida, Venezuela you can have yourself a sardine and brandy, spaghetti bolognaise, fried pork rine, shrimp in wine, or tuna fish ice cream cone. These are just a few of the bizarre flavors of ice cream in Venezuela. For 15 years the Guinness Book of Records has awarded an ice cream shop in Merida, Venezula for having the most flavors, currently 892.

You can find some weird flavored ice cream in the US too. In Delaware you can get a chunky bacon ice cream cone, a mushroom cone or and a pale-red Cackalacky Spice Sauce ice cream cone. In Santa Cruz, California you can get a chocolate garlic ice cream cone. In Rochester, New York you can try Haddock flavored ice cream.

There you have it. Not quite Dairy Queen is it?

Thanks to The Wacky World of Japanese Ice-cream (MDN WaiWai)- A gallery of interesting Japanese ice cream flavours, with descriptions of each.

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