Join the iReply movement -Visit other Blogs

Mike from Ordinary Folk, Brown Baron from Brown Thoughts, and Mark from Me and My Drum have come up with the iReply Movement. What a splendid idea. I have mentioned before on my blog that if a fellow blogger has taken the time to visit your blog, itโ€™s very good etiquette for you to return the visit.

You Comment I reply

I have commented on so many new blogs where the blogger never repays the visit. Many bloggers use the excuse that they could not find anything to comment on and they did not want to comment for the sake of commenting. I respect that, but my blogging pattern is so diverse that I can not understand how a blogger could hide behind that excuse with me.

There has to be something on my blog worthy of feedback. I don’t want anyone to comment for the sake of commenting, but if I visit your blog the least you can do is visit my blog surf through my archives and find something that interests you.

This is one reason I feel that the iReply movement is a great idea. Blogging is not just about marketing; itโ€™s about creating lasting relationships. If you feel the same way as I do then why not join the iReply movement?

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