Trolls using Rose DesRochers to Drive Traffic to their Blog

Trolling is a forum of harassment and bloggers trolling attempting to drive traffic to their blogs is on the rise.

Wil Wheaton’s post “On the Rise of Trolls” takes a good look at how far some bloggers will go to attract traffic.

Wil states ”

Bloggers who stir up controversy where there is none, or intentionally attack other bloggers for the sake of generating traffic to their blog are just like UseNet trolls and should be plonked accordingly.”

A couple of bloggers I know are doing just that. I have no problem with controversial opinions, but freedom does not give anyone the right to come to my blog and attack me.

These bloggers are stirring up controversy for the sake of trying to bait me into a flame war. It is always the same innuendos, and baiting, followed by threats of exposure.

I guess whatever is good for the ratings. Everyone loves a reality TV show even if it is staged and full of lies.

One blogger is even using my name ‘Rose DesRochers’ as a tag to gain Technorati ranking. I guess mentioning people with ’stalkers’ by name is some trick in getting Technorati traffic. He is a proud traffic whore, so this stunt of his does not surprise me any. According to WordTracker  “Rose DesRochers the bitch gets more searches then Rose DesRochers. He should have used that phrase.

To be honest I really think the suggestion to “Mention people with ’stalkers’ by name” stinks. It is no fun being harassed online and one should not use it as a ploy to gain ranking.

But that’s just my opinion.

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