Parenting Teens- Abducted by Aliens

To all the parents with young children, I have something to tell you that many people will not.  You have been lied to. Remember all the folks who told you that it would get easier when your children get older? They lied! The truth is that it does not get easier.

My daughter is seventeen and my son is thirteen and the older they get the harder it becomes. When it comes to raising children, the teen years is the most difficult stage. Some days you walk into my house and you would think that you entered a full blown battleground. Once that sweet little five year old grows into a teenager, his or her hormones take over, and look out. My husband keeps telling me that our sweet little girl was abducted by aliens. I’m still waiting for her to be returned to us.

It takes a great deal of energy, determination and patience to raise a teen.  Some days you will feel like you have reached that breaking point.  You wonder how many more endless arguments with your child you can take. Some days you may even break down in tears, frustrated that nothing you are saying is getting through to them.

I don’t have any easy advice for you or magic answers. As a parent I’m learning as I go. Ask me in seven years when my youngest hits 20 and I might have some advice for you then.

I know that both my parents are up there in heaven having one heck of a laugh. I know now what I put my parents through. Believe it or not I was a stubborn, argumentative teen once. I still remember the many stupid mistakes that I made as a teen. The things I battle with my children over are the same things my parents battled with me over.

The teen years certainly are not an easy period for child or parent.  Looking back now on the younger years, parenting a tantrum two year old seemed so much easier than parenting an argumentative 13 year old with raging hormones and a stubborn  attitude. I think my son should join a debate club.

To all those moms that blog about the “terrible twos,” trust me the twos are a walk in the park compared to the teen years. Enjoy them now because some day you will be looking back at photos missing the innocence.

Each day as a mom and parent of two teens I try to find out what line I am on between loving them, protecting them, letting them make mistakes, spoiling them, giving in to them,  being a friend, being a parent and keeping my sanity through it all.

I’m going to make mistakes. They are going to make mistakes.  The mistakes we both make will be worth a laugh 20 years from now when they have teens of their own.

One thing I have learned through this was that my parents were right. Mom and dad, if you hear me up there in heaven this is the point where you say “I told you so Rose.”

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