Back To School Shopping Means Sore Feet

It is hard to believe that we are in the last weeks of summer holidays.  I spent most of my day out with my son shopping for back to school items.

We found most everything we needed until it came to the jeans. We went to eight stores and he must have tried on 21 pairs of jeans and we only left the store with four. It was not that he did not like them. They didn’t fit.  He is in that awkward stage between a boy and young man. Speaking of which it’s hard to believe thar this will be his last year of public school and then it’s off to high school.

It is like one moment you are tucking your little toddler into his first big child bed and the next moment you  are  watching your son put acne cream on his zits. Wow!

Now, where was I. Oh yes, back-to-school shopping?

Let’s face it, back to school shopping  can be exhausting. My feet are killing me and I can’t stop yawning.

I also thought teen girls were hard to shop with. Boys in their early teens can be picky when it comes to clothes too.

We were also not the only ones shopping for back to school. There were dozens of other parents shopping- some arguing with their children.

I overheard a few conversations. One teen boy would rather be out driving than shopping for back to school. Another boy wanted jeans that were three sizes too big.So anyway,  in case you all have wondered where I have been and why I have not been blogging much or visiting your blogs.  I have been shopping. Shopping until I drop and tomorrow the shopping continues.

Now I’m off to soak my feet.

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