Shelfari- No we do not like the same books

Shelfari, is a social-networking site centered on books. I don’t use Shelfari although I get heaps of email inviting me to join the social network. Today alone I received seven invites to join Shelfari.

Obviously someone has added me to their address book and Shelfari keeps sending  out invitations with the subject line ‘Do we like the same books?’

No we do not like the same books and please remove me from your address book.

Thankfully Shelfari does offer an invitation email opt out. Today I blocked all invitations to join Shelfari. I should have done this sooner.
I’m going to ask that if you have me in your address book you please  remove me before joining Shelfari or any other networking site that automatically sends out invites to your entire address book.

I get enough spam without receiving these automatic invites.

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