Teens – Tattoos and Body Piercing

I know that tattoo and belly button piercing are two of the latest forms of self-expression among teens. However, this is one fashion statement that this mom is saying no way, uh-uh, not going to happen, forget it to.

My daughter wants a belly button ring and a tattoo. I let her go out and get a temporary tattoo because the real thing is so not happening. The only thing getting pierced on her is the ears. Two in each ear. Maybe a 3rd in the one ear. That is where I’m drawing the line. If that girl starts with piercing her belly button, before I know it she’ll look like Elaine Davidson.

No offense to Elaine! Elaine Davidson, holds the Guinness world record for being the woman with the greatest number of body piercings. Elaine Davidson has 720 piercings on various parts of her body, including 192 on her facial area alone.

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