Teen Fined For YouTube Video Posting of Teacher

Former elementary school teacher Keri McInty recently discovered a video of her at a fifth grade graduation ceremony posted on YouTube.

In other news a court on Friday fined a 15-year-old student and ordered him to pay damages to his teacher for posting a Bon Jovi karaoke  video of her on Youtube , that named her and claimed she was a lunatic.

The video was entitled “Karaoke of the mental hospital.” According to AP (Associated Press), Vesikko was fined $120 for uploading the video and also ordered to pay $1,000 damages and $3,000 in court costs.

ABC News reported, that even though YouTube almost immediately pulled the “hot for teacher’ video of Keri McInty, nearly 200,000 people had viewed the clip.

Can you imagine the suffering that these poor teachers have gone through? This may all seem funny, but it isn’t.

Some of you may recall Ghyslain Raza. Raza classmates posted a video of him online in 2003 and labeled him the Star Wars Kid. At school whenever he walked by students would jump on tables and chant, “Star Wars Kid! In 2003, a lawsuit was filed against the three classmates that uploaded the video for harassment and distributing the video without consent.

While some of the videos uploaded to YouTube may be seen as fun, one needs to stop and consider the emotion damages it may cause to the victim.

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