Dog Condoms – Condoms for dogs?

In my post regarding love toys for dogs I said, “What on earth will they think of next? Condoms for dogs maybe?” Have I spoken too soon? What on earth are these Meat-scented dog condoms?

Dog Condoms

Dog condoms come in three sizes to fit small, medium, and large breeds according to the website.

However, Dog Condoms, Inc. recalled its product last year  due to unacceptable failure rates. “These condoms were sold to consumers in limited test markets after May 1, 2005.”

You did not purchase a dog condom after May 1, 2005 did you?

The first female dog condoms are set to appear in most major pet stores in fall of 2007.

Condoms for your dogs? You’ve got to be kidding.

Relax I am. The site is just a hoax, but a very funny one. Laugh, darn it!

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