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Has John Chow been Challenged?

I’m sure that many of you know who John Chow is. Some love him, others dislike him. Whether you like him or dislike him the truth is John Chow makes money. A lot of money! John Chow however is no longer ranked #1 for ‘John Chow’ or ‘Make money online’ in Google.

Searching ‘John Chow’ he doesn’t come up until page five. His blog was sent to the Google penalty box a couple months ago. I’m not 100 % sure why.

John has now been challenged to start a new blog.

Many think the reason John is successful is because he was already well known as ‘The TechZone and ‘TTC Media Network’ creator when he started his blog. That might have been part of the reason.

Now the challenge for John Chow will be to see if he can create a brand new blog without revealing his identity and make money from that blog.

It will be interesting to see how well he does. After all he does claim to be an authority on the subject of making money. He’s leaving it up to his readership to determine what revenue target he should aim for before he reveals his identity.

By the way John Chow frequently reviews and promotes websites for a flat $400 fee. Seesh no wonder the guy is making money. I’m not as famous as John Chow, but my site has a PR of five and I would be happy to review your blog, website or service for $40.00. That’s 20.00 cheaper then ReviewMe quoted a review on my blog at. By the way I had absolutely no luck with ReviewMe. Maybe it was because I’m not John Chow. So how about that review?

Review my blog or service Rose.

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