Quechup – The social networking site that spammed

Are You Getting Quechup Spammed?

I have been receiving all kinds of invites to join a new social network called Quechup. Quechup is owned by a company called Idate and they have the blogosphere buzzing.

A quick Google search for Quechup  reveals many warnings to ignore invites from the new social networking site.

Many have joined Quechup at the invitation of a trusted contact, only to find out the site has spammed their entire address book without their knowledge.

Matt Staggs of skullring.org  signed up and ended up unknowingly  spamming all his contacts. He then sent everyone an apology email, and the mishap resulted in Google suspending his Gmail account. What a mess. Poor Matt!

The Houston Chronicle  describes Quechup’s methods of acquiring new members as “questionable at best.”

Boingboing.net suggests to “Delete the invites if you know what’s good for you.”

Clint Boulton of eWeek Channel Insider states ” Quechup is an example of how social networking sites can go horribly wrong and risk alienating users. ”

When I received the invite, I deleted it thinking there are all ready too many social networking sites.  This does bring up an interesting question.

How many more social networking sites do we really need?

Have you received a Quechup invite?

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