Banning Baggy Pants and Ban on Hoodies

Cities across the U.S. are considering passing a law that would ban people from wearing baggy pants that show boxer shorts and thongs.

I too am tired of teen boys walking around with their boxers showing and teen girls with their bum crack hipsters. But, if you ask me this is kind of insane.

I can see if schools wish to make teens pull up their pants, but banning them all together in public is ridiculous.

In other news a ban on ‘hoodies’ has sparked debate. Hoodies are no longer just a fashion statement, because they can hide the face. Some school state that hoodies can be worn, but the hoods must be off inside the building.

My children was discussing this tonight with my husband and I. My son stated that made sense for the reasons that they disguise the wearer and could pose a threat in school. True!
What are your thoughts? Is it right to ban hoodies and baggy pants?

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