Jack McClellan – Pedophile moves to Portland

Jack McClellan, a pedophile who was placed under an restraining order by a Los Angeles County judge last week has moved to Portland reports new sources.

KPTV.com reported that Portland police stated that McClellan is free to photograph children there, unless he commits a crime.

“On Wednesday McClellan appeared on radio station KEX and said he moved to Portland for the “liberal, tolerant” climate the city was known for,” reports KGW news.

It won’t be long before Jack McClellan is back publicizing his attraction to young girls and the sad thing is police state that there is nothing they can do, because he is not breaking any laws.

We are talking about a man that states that he is attracted to girls between 3 and 11 and not only does he photograph young girls, but he shares information with other pedophiles as to where they can go see little girls play. This is both frightening and sick.

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