I Luv your Blog Award

September 7 was national feel the love day.  Why do we need a special day to feel the love? You should always share the love.

Speaking of love, Bob from Blackholes and Astrostuff has awarded my blog with the “I Luv Your Blog Award.” Thank you Bob. I love your blog too. I now get to pass this award on to five blogs that I love.

I Luv Your Blog Award

This is going to be difficult as there are so many great blogs out there that certainly deserve this award. Here are just five blogs that I love.

  • Peri’s Wrinkle – Follow this funny lady as she blogs about being the single mother of a tween and stuff that she finds funny. A blog that is guaranteed to bring a laugh. Please give her your support. Right now she has a troll.
  • Dear Al– If something is bothering you, write Dear Al for advice. His blog is sure to bring a few chuckles your way. He tells it like it is.
  • Hazel8500– Hazel blogs about missing children, poverty, child welfare, child abuse and other important issues.
  • Lorelle on WordPress– Lorelle’s blog is a great contribution to the blogging community. How can you not love Lorelle on WordPress?
  • Mike’s Photo Blog– I just love photography and Mike’s blog is full of beautiful photos.

If you received this award, please do not forget to pass it on to five blogs that you love.

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