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Five Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Lady

It’s been a long time since I was pregnant, but I remember it so well. There are certain things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

What Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

  1. Are your ankles supposed to be that big?
  2. You’re still hungry?
  3. I think you’re bigger this pregnancy.
  4. Those stretch marks will go away, right?
  5. Wow, (insert name here) looks great for having two kids.

These things might be funny to us, but they are not to a pregnant woman.
My wife is pregnant

A man speaks frantically into the phone, “My wife is pregnant, and her contractions are only two minutes apart!”

“Is this her first child?” the doctor queries.

“No, you idiot!” the man shouts. “This is her husband!”

I hope you enjoyed this bit of pregnancy humor.

What do you suggest not saying to a pregnant lady?

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