Bill C-22 The Age of Protection Act

Canada’s current age of consent to sexual activity offers Canadian youth no protection from sexual exploitation. This has resulted in Canada becoming a preferred destination for sexual predators to prey on our innocent children.

I was disappointed to hear that Bill C-22, The Age of Protection Act will not pass, after getting so very close.

Bill C-22 would have amended the Criminal Code by raising the age of sexual consent in Canada from 14 to 16 years of age.

To help ensure that teenagers who engage in consensual sexual activity are not criminalized, it includes a close-in-age exemption.

Unfortunately Bill-C-22 was ‘delayed’ by the Senate after being passed by the House of Commons and was sitting in the Senate when the House convened for the summer recess.

On October 16, 2007 Parliament will reconvene. The only hope at this time to see ‘The Age of Protection Act’ brought forward again is to call upon our Members of Parliament to support Bill-C-22 and see it be reinstated at its previous position before Parliament was prorogued.

I’m asking all of you who are Canadian to help me see that this gets passed into law as soon as possible. Members of Parliament need to hear from us. Please Contact your Members of Parliament requesting support for the reinstatement of Bill C-22 The Age of Protection Act.

I have already contacted 103 members of parliament and plan on contacting more over the next few days until all members are contacted. I also sent a letter for publication to 40 newspapers across Ontario.

Sex with children must be illegal and never, under any circumstances, should it be condoned. Together we can make a difference.

Please don’t be someone who sits back and talks about how terrible it is. Take action!

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