Google Shared Stuff

Google has joined the area of social bookmarking with their launch of a new service Shared Stuff. Google Share Stuff allows you to add web pages to your Google Shared Stuff page, email those web pages, and add them to related social bookmarking sites Facebook, Furl,, Social Poster, Reddit and Digg.
Your profile page allows you to include information about yourself, a photo, and link to your site.

Profile of Rose DesRochers

When sharing a page you can choose to include an article preview or just the link, add comments and add tags.

Google Shared Stuff

Tony Ruscoe suggests that Google might use all of this data as part of their search algorithm.

“With Google tracking how often a link is shared and viewed, it will be interesting to see whether this data is used by their ranking algorithms, especially since users are asked to tag their shared items.”

Marshall Kirkpatrick points out in his post titled The Best and Worst Things About Google’s Shared Stuff is that the service doesn’t really work.

How right he is.

I was not impressed with “Google Shared Stuff” at all. It seems kind of buggy. I was able to share one page only. The service does not work with Firefox (or it did not for me.) I had to change my security setting in IE to low and still with it set low, it blocked several sites I was attempting to share. I then changed my setting to accept all cookies and it still would not work. I gave up.

Google Shared Stuff in Firefox

(My attempt at trying to get Shared Stuff to work in Firefox. Notice it is a blank white page?)

You would think that Google would have worked out all the bugs before releasing it.

Anyhow, I don’t recommend using the service until all the bugs are worked out.

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