Velvet Vulva purses

A few days ago I blogged about the pussy purse. Today I came across Velvet Vulva purses, vulva hats and Velvet V G-Strings. You can check out the Velvet Vulva for these interesting items.

Looking for more vulva products? designs, manufactures and sells  products celebrating the Vagina.  From her website you can purchase a Badmimi Pussy Pen, BadMimi Pink Vagina and Goddess Tank, Vagina De Guadalupe Candles and a BadMimi Vulva Tote. BadMimi’s MySpace page reads ” I am out to change the way the world views women and particularly their vaginas.”

Badmimi Pussy Pen

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The big pink vagina costume and Happy Halloweenie

Are you attending a Halloween party this year? Then why not wear this hysterical vagina costume. One size fits most adults. Students, I do not suggest that you purchase this costume. In 2001 a high school student showed up at a Halloween party in a vagina costume and was suspended. (Shop Amazon for Vagina Costume.)

Did you know that many people are ashamed to say the words ‘vagina.’

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