WordPress Matt Mullenweg Brigade Attacks

Ok I’m pissed folks. I interrupt your regular reading pleasure to rant.

Anyone who has been following this blog may have noticed the debate taking place on WordPress 2.3 Released.

It would appear that Matt Mullenweg the creator of WordPress has some critiques and now the anti-Matt Mullenweg brigade has invaded my blog.

I allowed the Matt brigade and Matt to comment on that discussion, but I draw the line at personal attacks. Today Mike Wendell left a comment on my blog that was an attack at Matt. I edited the comment and told them no personal attacks.

Well it would appear that Mike Wendell now thinks that I’m close minded. Mike left the following review on bloggingfusion.com where I’m an editor.

“Blogger appears to be rather closed minded and limits herself to only those views that match her own. She appears to not be willing to even acknowledge that other opinions may exist.”

I have no opinion on what kind of guy Matt is. I know nothing about Matt Mullenweg aside from knowing he created WordPress. Matt Mullenweg is not a regular reader of this blog as far as I know. I am just someone who uses the WordPress platform. Why on earth should I judge a guy I don’t know? Because of all this Mike left a negative review. Was the review honest or did he do it because he was pissed off that I would not allow him to attack Matt here on my blog?

I have put drmike comment back as it was. I have edited out one word from the original comment that boarded on libel, but I’m going to ask the anti-Matt Mullenweg brigade to take their problems with Matt somewhere else .

This blog is not the place for it damn it to heck.

Now back to your regular schedule program.

Next post- Pink for October.

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