40 is not old

In 603 days, 22 hours, 52 minutes  I’ll be 40. Not that I’m counting. 40 is not old, therefore I was shocked when someone who is 22 call me old.

I have been called a lot of things, but old was never one of them until now that is.

Someone stumbled my ‘Anonymous Internet Harassment Federal Crime‘ post. Upon reading the reviews I saw a comment that read “I really don’t care about old women complaining about being “harassed”. Wait a moment. Back up! Who is this young guy calling old?

I asked him who the heck he was calling old and his reply was “Yes, that was directed at you and the commenters on your site. I’m 22, you’re 38. That makes you old in my book.”

I’m far from being old.  Now a days most women are just starting to have children and I happen to have a daughter who is 17 1/2 and a son who is 14.

My own children don’t even think I’m old though they may joke about it from time to time.

38 is not old people and I still look great!

I’m curious though, at what age do you consider someone to be old?

Be honest now! I can take it.

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