100 Meters Meme- 100 Meters from my house

Mike has tagged me with the unique 100 meters meme.  What is this meme you ask? Well. it’s rather very simple. What you need to do is to take 4 pictures of things that are within 100 meters from your house. So without further adu allow me to present you with four items that are 100 meters from my house. My wonderful son Digital Frenzy took these photos.

Construction Pilon

They are doing construction up the street.

Backyard Shed

Our neighbors shed.

Cable pole

A cable pole. How exciting!

Autumn Trees

Autumn Trees

I’m tagging Bob, Grace and  anyone else who wants to take part.

I’ve Been Tagged! What Do I Do?

  1. Take photos up to 100 meters from your home.
  2. Link to this  post.
  3. Tag as many friends as you like.

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