Trick or Treat – Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I didnโ€™t get a chance to sneak this in earlier. Tonight we took my son out. It was a lovely night for trick or treating. How old do you think is too old for trick or treating. Last week my friend and I had a discussion over coffee regarding the cut-off age for trick or treating.

This year my son is 13, and according to him this was his last year. (We’ll see) He went out tonight dressed as a Prince, but he was not as enthused as he was other years. Tonight was a sad reminder that my baby boy is growing up.

The cut off age for my daughter was her first year of high school. I recall my last year of trick or treating was grade nine too. I went out with a friend of mine and I dressed up as a cabbage patch doll. No, I don’t have pictures.

I’ll miss taking my children out trick or treating, just as I miss Santa Claus, The tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.

Ok, I’m going to cry now. I hope that you all had a safe and Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

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