Tramp Lamps – Light up Vintage Corset

You have seen some strange things on this blog. Well brace yourself once again dear readers for something odd. Who could have guessed that old lingerie found at thrift stores would be made into lamps. Tramp Lamps what a clever idea.

Each lamp is custom-designed by artist Kelly Butler using authentic vintage lingerie and each lamp has its own name.

Tramp Lamps
Rosie is a cream backless bra with red roses, beaded trim and ribbon. Rosie has been sold, but Louisa here is available for
a price tag of $155.00. She is a white teddy trimmed in assorted pink roses.

Kelly has even designed a line of Tramplamps out of vintage looking swimsuits. Kelly began making her lamps in 2003 and according to her website she has now made ver 400 lamps.

To contact Kelly and view more of her lamps, check out her website

One last note: If you purchase one of these tramps don’t put more than 25 wats into her or she’ll get too hot.

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